Successful completion of a joint project of the Symphony – Vidin and the Philharmony – Oltenia

Symphony – Vidin presented the results of the project ” „Travelling on music notes – the popularize of natural heritage and resources and cultural heritage of the cross-border region“”, code ROBG – 578. The project was one year long and is funded by the EU through the ERDF under the Program for Cross-border Cooperation “INTERREG VA Romania – Bulgaria 2014 – 2020”. The total budget of the project was 211,000.50 Euro, of which 179,350.42 Euro was provided by the ERDF , the partner of the Vidin Cultural Institute was the Philharmony – Oltenia.

The main objective of the project was to increase the tourist attractiveness of the cross-border region of Vidin-Oltenia and to promote local natural and cultural values ​​through the use of modern creative industries and the creation of an innovative cultural event.

The project achieved the following results:

1. A joint philharmonic orchestra was formed and a unique formation was created by Bulgarian and Romanian musicians who developed a joint concert program.
2.   A music festival was successfully organized with the participation of the formed Bulgarian-Romanian orchestra, one part of the program was presented in the town of Vidin and the other in Craiova. The festival will be included in the cultural calendars of Vidin and Oltenia and will continue to be held.
3.  The film “Musical Guide” was created and distributed, which presents part of the natural and cultural resources of the region and promotes tourism development opportunities.
4.  A “Strategy for the Promotion of Musical Culture and the Development of Music Tourism” has been developed and disseminated, which will be a fundamental document for all who are interested and willing to work for the development of music tourism in the region.

The cooperation between the Vidin Symphony and the Philharmony– Oltenia will continue in the future, and through the pooling of potentials and joint actions, the cultural institutes will continue to work to attract new audiences and sustainable development of cultural tourism in the cross-border region.

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