Project Preparation

The joint development of the project started more than a year ago and is due to the partners’ desire to take concrete steps to use the capacity of the two music institutes in combination with the unique intangible heritage of the region as a valuable resource for sustainable development. The Oltenia Philharmony Orchestra and the Symphony-Vidin have worked for many years on the basis of the common profile of the two cultural institutes and their aspiration to expand the scope of creative possibilities, but have never cooperated in the realization of the project. Carrying out joint performances of musicians from the two orchestras and introducing them to the opportunities offered by the Program gave them the idea for this project. Knowing their potential as one of the largest cultural institutes on the territory of the cross-border region, the Oltenia Philharmony Orchestra and the Symphony-Vidin concluded a cooperation agreement and developed the current project proposal. The project focuses on music and its harmonization with the unique natural resources and cultural values ​​of the region. Both partners are convinced that this combination, combined with their combined potential, will contribute to enhancing the tourist attractiveness of the region and its sustainable development.

A number of meetings were held and ongoing contacts were maintained between partners through the use of various communication channels. A working strategy was developed with clear objectives, temporary reserve activities were planned, ways to achieve verifiable impact were discussed and various activities aimed at achieving sustainability of the project were identified. To establish and maintain successful communication, the project team has developed a communication plan that currently ensures successful communication between the two partners and will be expanded in the future to include project participants and all stakeholders. The adequate and equivalent involvement of the two partners in the design and preparation of the project guarantees full integration at the implementation stage and strong motivation to achieve the desired results.

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