Creation of a Joint Symphony Orchestra

The formation of the Joint Orchestra is a key activity related to the implementation of this project. The concept of this orchestra guarantees the uniqueness and quality of the final cultural product that will be presented at the festival. In order to carry out these activities and subsequently to ensure the sustainability of the created orchestra and the project achievements, it is necessary to purchase musical instruments. Musical instruments that are planned to be purchased are extremely important for a joint orchestra. These are instruments that the two cultural institutes either do not possess or are outdated, depreciated and cannot provide the necessary quality to be achieved. The purchase of these instruments will allow the planning and subsequent performance of the music repertoire by the joint orchestra without any restrictions.

A Joint Symphony Orchestra of 52 musicians will be created, comprising 26 representatives of the Philharmony Orchestra – Oltenia and 26 representatives of the Symphony-Vidin.

Based on the repertoire chosen by the Arts Councils, the musicians will conduct three-day joint rehearsals that will be sufficient for professionals to achieve high quality performance. Rehearsals will be held in the town of Craiova, where the festival will begin, using the material and technical facilities of the Philharmony – Oltenia. During these rehearsals, the scripts of each festival night will be presented and the musicians will be introduced to them. These scenarios should be specifically linked to each of the fortresses where the event will take place.

Responsible for the implementation and reporting of this activity will be the Philharmony – Oltenia, it will be responsible for the logistics for accommodation and meals of the Bulgarian participants during the rehearsals. The transport of participants from Bulgaria to the town of Craiova will be the responsibility of the Symphony-Vidin.

The main method used in this activity is the involvement of direct beneficiaries in the project activities. The participation of musicians from the two cultural institutions in the preparation and implementation of the festival allows and encourages active participation, participation and support, which ensure the achievement of the expected results. The result of this activity will be the creation of a Joint Bulgarian-Romanian Symphony Orchestra, which will present the concert program during the Music Festival. To date, such an orchestra of professionals has never been formed, and the performance of this activity will contribute both to the individual growth of the musicians and to the creation of an interesting cultural phenomenon. Artists will have the opportunity to work together, share experiences, ideas, information and best practices.

Equipment / musical instruments will be purchased from both orchestras.

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