Preparation and conducting of the music festival

The music festival will be a unique event that has high tourist potential, based on the places where it will be conducted, as well as the high quality of the cultural product. Successfully conducting it requires serious preparation, which, in addition to its extensive promotion and joint rehearsals, involves the purchase of the necessary equipment for the sound of the event. The purchase of audio equipment will contribute to the sustainability of the festival and will be used for its future editions as well as for other joint initiatives of the two cultural institutes.

The music festival will last for a total of 4 days, the first two of which will be held in Craiova and the next two in Vidin. The festival will start as soon as the rehearsals of the newly created Bulgarian-Romanian orchestra are completed. The program for the festival evenings will be agreed in advance at the meeting of the art councils.

As the places of the festival evenings will be emblematic for the respective cities – the unique parks in Vidin and Craiova, the Central square of Craiova and the Baba Vida fortress in Vidin.

The music festival will be a cultural event that has not yet been organized and will have a cross-border dimension. This festival will become an attractive music forum, guaranteeing the quality and innovation that will fit into the cultural calendars of the two regions. Methods are used to visualize and engage audiences that have not been used by the two cultural institutions so far. The newly created joint Bulgarian-Romanian orchestra will allow the presentation of an extremely wide repertoire and the inclusion of musical techniques not used by the two orchestras so far. The combination of professional musicians with extensive experience and talent, the use of atypical venues to present the program and attractive visual elements related to the cultural and natural assets of the region will make the Festival a significant and popular event that will attract tourists.

The festival will become an annual event and will add value to the venues in which it will be held, so that they are recognized not only as historical and natural landmarks, but also as cultural centers. The festival will liven them up, awaken emotions and set an example of good practice. It will improve the tourist value of the sites, adding additional attraction for both locals and foreign tourists.

The festival will be a tourist product that will guarantee a unique experience and sharing. Its wide promotion and implementation will contribute to the achievement of the specific goal of the Program.

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