Creating a “Music Guide”

The main activity of this project is the creation of an advertising film presenting the cultural and historical and natural wealth of the cross-border region through the creative potential of two of the largest cultural institutes in this cross-border region. The “Music Guide” will be a movie of 25 to 30 minutes, filmed in at least 12 locations that are emblematic of the region. In these places, musicians from the Bulgarian-Romanian orchestra created under the project will perform different musical compositions and tell stories, using the music’s ability to express emotions. The soundtrack for the movie will be in three versions – in Bulgarian, Romanian and English, and will be widely distributed.

The cross-border region has a unique system of natural beauty and cultural heritage. The idea is to show and promote this system by combining the talents of musicians from the Bulgarian-Romanian orchestra, the opportunities that music has as art and modern methods of promotion. The Music Guide will be a 25-30 minute film made in the Vidin-Dolj cross-border region. The film will be a musical journey presenting and promoting the natural beauty and cultural heritage of the region. Regional monuments emblematic of cultural and historical heritage, natural resources, and sites related to the contemporary history of the region will be identified (such as the New Europe Bridge). At least 12 locations will be selected, at which the musicians of the so-called Bulgarian-Romanian orchestra will play different pieces of music and tell the region through their music.

The film will offer a different picture of the unique wealth of the cross-border region and will be an attractive, unusual advertising tool. There will be three versions of the soundtrack – in Bulgarian, Romanian and English. 400 mini-CDs will be made and they will be attached to a greeting card representing a collage of the locations where the film was shot. The film will be made available to tour operators from both countries, local authorities, cultural institutes, local, regional and national media. It will also be promoted through the project website.

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